About Thanni Skin Clinic & Dr Thanni Skincare

Origin History
Thanni Skin Clinic & Dr Thanni Skincare
Dr Thanni Skincare was established as a portfolio of dermatologist-grade skincare products that were designed to be effective and affordable to everyone. Thanni Skin Clinic is a specialist dermatologist clinic operating since 1977 focussed on dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and acne conditions. Inspired by over 30 years of investigative dermatology into organics such as Azadirachta indica, Curcuma longa, biocompatible ingredients and other vitamins delivering dramatic results to his patients; Dr Thanni has decided to enable greater access to these formulations. These formulations combine a blend of the most effective ingredients that the clinic has used to treat complex skin problems, vitamin supplementation, natural anti-oxidants and the most advanced delivery systems required to penetrate the depths of our skin mantle. With continued use, these formulations dramatically improve long-term health & lifestyle benefits.
Our History Timeline


Dr Thanni Skincare aims to share the best skincare products and treatments learnt from 4 decades of experience. We combine organics that work with the best bio-compatible ingredients available at a very affordable price. We focus on excellent quality, good results for patients and most importantly; the affordability factor.


Dr Thanni Skincare wants to give patients with sensitive coloured skin the right type of clinical-grade skin care created using the patient data collected from treating over 100000 patients over the last 40 years.

We make these products and skin treatment procedures affordable, effective and formulated with the world’s best biocompatible and organic ingredients.

Our Motto
1. Affordable High-Performance skincare products designed by a dermatologist with 40 years of experience. 2. Democratising Dermatologist Designed Acne Skincare for Everyone 3. Dermatologists developed clinical skincare products & treatments for sensitive skin. We focus on Acne and hyperpigmentation

The Founder

Dr. Thanni

Chief Clinical Dermatologist
The Beginning 1950s
Dr Thanni was born in Malaysia in 1949 but soon after moved back to India due to economics and family responsibilities. When he was about 9, his father passed away on the way to seek medical assistance after suffering a heart attack. Being from a very humble background, this created a lot of adrenal stress for him and he soon developed the auto-immune diseases of arthritis and eczema.
Studying Medicine 1970s
This inspired him to concentrate his efforts towards becoming a doctor at a very early age to ensure that someone was available to provide medical aid to people in his hometown if ever such a situation arised. This ambition stemming at such an early age was further compounded by his daily struggles with eczema and arthritis. He again moved back to Malaysia as a young teenager. Eventually he returned to India to study Medicine and received his MBBS degree.

Ray Thanni

Data Scientist & Skincare Formulator
Ray’s immersion into the world of skincare began in his youth, shaped by invaluable experiences assisting his father in the family’s skin clinic. A renowned dermatologist, his father’s five-decade legacy spoke volumes about his commitment to patient care since establishing the clinic in 1977, having treated well over 100,000 patients. In the formative years of 12 to 16, Ray worked diligently alongside his father after school. These crucial years not only refined his diagnostic skills but also exposed him to the intricate art of formulation and the meticulous care required in patient observation and data analysis.
The transformative year of 2009 marked a pivotal moment in Ray’s life—a major automobile accident that left him with injuries, severe scarring, and disruptions to his hormonal balance, microbiome, and sebum production glands. This incident catapulted Ray into the realm of skincare, where he devoted his energy to enhancing his father’s formulations to address his skin conditions. In 2009, a pivotal moment occurred with a major car accident, leaving Ray with injuries to his skin tissue, severe scarring, physical disability, keloids, and hyperpigmentation problems. This incident also triggered his eczema to manifest itself again from childhood, destabilizing his endocrine system and hormonal balance.
What we do
Dr Thanni Skin Clinic is a full-service dermatologist clinic focused on the treatment of dry skin, Pimples, Acne, Acne scars, Eczema, Psoriasis, hyper-pigmentation, skin tumours, hair loss and melasma. We are a skin treatment clinic that prioritises skin health outcomes and then only focuses on cosmetics/aesthetics. Treatment followed by cosmetic outcomes.
Dr Thanni’s Skincare products are focused on the treatment and improvement of skin appearance. The focus areas are dry sensitive skin characterized by Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis, Melasma and Hyper-Pigmentation.
Clinic Address
Thanni Skin Clinic is located at 44, Jalan Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Dr. Thanni Skin Clinic Working Hours

9.00AM - 3.00PM
9.00AM - 3.00PM
9.00AM - 3.00PM
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9.00AM - 5.00PM
Formulation & Research
Science and Facts

Our formulations are supported and verified by research conducted by our clinic and partners. The ingredients have been studied by 3rd party researchers and we have found them to be useful from decades of use with satisfied patients. We believe that certain historical herbs are indeed powerful and design our products to synergize with their potential.

Effective Ingredients
We aim to deliver results and do not promise dreams. Our ingredients are introduced in safe amounts that do not cause negative effects that turn up after 5 years of use by the customer. We focus on balancing pH levels that are acceptable and conducive to the skin’s epidermal and dermal layers.
Formulation Focus
Products are developed with the consultation of other experts who have done extensive testing to provide evidence that they are beneficial and safe for the skin. We do not discriminate or take a blanket ban approach against any specific ingredients, preservative, emulsifier, or surfactant or drive our R&D based on market hype substantiated by superficial level research suggesting contraindications because we have observed that well-formulated products are tolerated positively by our patients. A key point to note is that many emerging research reports are standing on the foundations of observations made on just 30-50 research candidates. In a world of 8 billion people with multiple ethnicities, environmental conditions, dietary cuisines with varying health conditions; this size of a research group would be considered rather small. A decent study would include 200 candidates at least with varying levels of in-built diversity.
Cruelty-Free Products
We are animal lovers and do not test on animals during our product development and do not knowingly support suppliers or other supply chain-related participants involved in animal testing endeavours.
Packaging Excellence
We understand that packaging plays a key role in ensuring that the product maintains its potency by stopping air and light exposure. We generally avoid transparent packaging and packaging systems that have open-air passageways to ensure this. We try to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the use of packaging material that ends up being disposed of by the user where possible.
Technology Enhancement
We recognize the benefits of understanding our patients and their skin concerns. We incorporate our skincare data and observations from our clinic to deliver optimal solutions and skin routine recommendations to our patients.
Science and Safety Ethos
The skincare treatment and beauty industry is driven by trends and marketing-supported research that makes untrue claims. Marketing-driven research is led by deliberate intended outcomes motivated by commercial expectations. As a result, life-changing ingredients are labelled good or bad without truth or proper study. The Dr Thanni Skincare filter creates products that benefit our patients and improve lives. We want to restore the beauty and happiness of patients with sensitive skin through improvements to the health and appearance of their skin. Be mindful when analysing research studies that use a group of 30 participants to make recommendations on ingredients for 8,000,000,000+ people who live on the planet. Correlation does not always equal causation. Our research around skin care is a continuous process that goes through iterations as we collect data on ingredient efficacy while measuring patient outcomes.

As a result of this commitment to good products and ingredients:

  • We use the best phytonutrients and synthetic biocompatible ingredients to address the problems associated with skincare and beauty to support Sensitive skin types.
  • We avoid ingredients known to irritate the majority of users (over 100,000 globally is our benchmark) causing pain or exacerbating skin conditions
  • We include ingredients that support the efficacy of our products that in turn benefit the health of the skin
  • We develop everything on a foundation built upon science and observational data
Our 3 Guiding principles
  1. Create Products that improve Skin Health and benefit all People
  2. Ensure the Products are Affordable to all People
  3. Focus on Science and provide Quality Products that make People be confident of their Skins Appearance
Our core focus Areas for our Product R&D
Dry Skin, Hyperpigmentation, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne
What do we believe in?
  • pH/Acidity in products is very important to us. Period.
  • If you want to succeed, build a simple skincare routine. Morning. Night.
  • Less is More. Don’t overuse products.
  • Your overall mental, physical and skin health contribute to long-term positive health.
  • The weather and environment have a large impact on the skin. Analyse humidity, heat and pollutants around you.
  • Scientifically proven biocompatible synthetic ingredients work well and cause no harm
  • Natural ingredients that have no way to penetrate the epidermis are not helpful
  • Molecular size matters when creating products that work.
  • Diet plays a VERY important role in ensuring you have flawless clear acne free skin
Our Philosophy on Skincare Habits and Routine
Over the years Dr Thanni has observed some common skincare culprits that are underlying causes that lead to sensitive skin problems
They are:
Having too many alcohol bases in a person’s range of skincare and beauty products Using the wrong type of oils on the skin that causes clogged pores Having perfumes and fragrances infused in too many skincare products being use daily Having a pH that is not low enough to improve the penetration of acid-based ingredients Having little to NO Moisture in a person’s skin composition through external application Not Exfoliating the skin of comedogenic debris from the epidermis Having a poor diet or not identifying trigger foods or chemicals Having a lack of vitamins and nutrients in the blood Leading a sedentary lifestyle that does not stimulate hormone production Operating or living in an environment that triggers skin conditions
So what’s our Ultimate vision?
Treat everyone’s skin condition by identifying root causes before recommending the requirements needed to achieve and maintain healthy aesthetic skin that leads to living life with confidence.