Notes from the Founder

WRITTEN BY TEAM: December 13, 2023

The Early Years

While growing up, I remember helping in my dad’s Dermatology clinic helping him dispense different types of creams to patients. Patients always looked up to him knowing he was fair and never one to overcharge. He was always quick to provide free treatments to those who were facing trying circumstances with a firm focus on formulating better skincare treatments.

From this time onwards, I started to wonder why certain doctors or products chose to overcharge their patients for services or products that provided similar or even less effective treatments to specific skin problems. This was the subconscious start to my journey trying to democratise the availability of clinical dermatologist grade skincare products for everyone.
As a young adolescent teen, I spent my time at my dad’s clinic; studying and helping my father, a skin specialist with his research, analysing his observation notes and patient data. He would painstakingly take the time to formulate creams and solutions for skincare conditions that worked really well for different patients. Being in Asia; not all treatments worked well for the variety of skin types and the environment – especially tanned skin or sensitive dry skin.
Despite all this additional work; the best part of this process was that it did not cost his patients massive amounts of money. His patients were happy with the significant improvement in their lives and generosity from his treatments. The only expense was my dad’s time.
Later in life, I endured a lot of skin problems as a consequence of a major car accident that had a tremendous impact on my hormone balance and consequently my sebaceous glands. I went back to my dermatologist father and did a lot of research with him to find solutions to my woes. This was over 10 years ago and now my sporadic bouts of dry skin, acne breakouts and sebum overproduction are under some control.
Today with what we have learnt over time; we want to give everyone access to affordable quality clinical-grade dermatologist-developed products that have helped treat 1000’s of patients for well over 40 years. With my help, we are on a mission to democratise high-quality skincare products for acne, eczema, psoriasis and pigmentation issues. We want to help people with melanated dry sensitive skin.