Dr. Thanni
The Beginning 1950s
Dr Thanni was born in Malaysia in 1949 but soon after moved back to India due to economics and family responsibilities.

When he was about 9, his father passed away on the way to seek medical assistance after suffering a heart attack. Being from a very humble background, this created a lot of adrenal stress for him and he soon developed the auto-immune diseases of arthritis and eczema.

Studying Medicine 1970s
This inspired him to concentrate his efforts towards becoming a doctor at a very early age to ensure that someone was available to provide medical aid to people in his hometown if ever such a situation arised. This ambition stemming at such an early age was further compounded by his daily struggles with eczema and arthritis.

He again moved back to Malaysia as a young teenager.

Eventually he returned to India to study Medicine and received his MBBS degree.

Malaysian Army 1980s
After graduation, he returned back to Malaysia and served a few years in the Malaysian Armed Forces.
The First Clinic 1980s
Later he worked in Penang and other states as a doctor and eventually started his own medical practice in 1977 in Johor Bahru Malaysia and this clinic was named Klinik Rakyat or the “Citizens Clinic” in English.

Years earlier, Dr Thanni was already identifying perfect ingredients and formulating creams to manage his own battle with eczema but to top this off, he noticed a significant number of cases associated with skin conditions coming to his clinic as well. Already having significant knowledge from his own struggles, he shared this with his patients and gained popularity in the area of dermatological medicine.

Skincare Research & Thanni Skin Clinic 1990s
This was the catalyst that motivated him to do his postgraduate studies in dermatology and urinary medicine in England in 1986 followed by an apprenticeship with a popular dermatologist in Singapore by the name of Dr. Singaravellu.

Upon his return, the General Clinic he opened in Johor was transformed into a clinic with its primary focus on skin. The Thanni Skin Clinic was born.

Skincare Lab 2010s
Bioderm Lifesciences was started in 2013 to support the formulation process and manufacturing needs of Dr Thanni’s skincare formulations.
Skincare Brand 2017
In 2017 the Dr Thanni Skincare brand was launched to be able to officially send products to people across Malaysia and around the world.

In his spare time, Dr Thanni helps the community by giving motivational talks and donations where possible.

The REAL Doctor

Dr Thanni has been treating patients in his clinic for 45 years. He is 75 years old and has personally helped over 100,000 patients take back control of their lives. His dedication to helping people improve their skin conditions is matched by none other.

The only way to do this is by being present for every patient and being at work 240 days a year for the past 45 years. Now that’s Magic.